Walking in silence to connect with our inner self, as we are transforming into something new.


There is a sense of rebirth/ reawakening!


Walking is a form of being conscious of ourselves with our own breathing and our inner silence.


It reaffirms the experience in the NOW! Exposing the limits and fragility of our bodies.


Walking as POLITICAL RESISTANCE takes place when this activity does not have a utilitarian or rational purpose but the sole satisfaction of contemplation and letting yourself go to the unpredictable in space and time.

A resistance against imposed emergencies and speeds beyond our control. A way of positioning yourself in the world, respecting and protecting the space you walk through as well as the recognition and a relationship with others.

Masoquismo Intelectual

Video Performance by Melina Peña

Duration: 2.54 min.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Year: 2016

Camera: Gonzalo Marcuzzi

Sound: ¨Uncertainty¨ by Reier

Nor Here Nor There (excerpt)

Video Performance by Melina Peña

Duration: 2.46 min.

Location: Baja California, México

Year: 2016

Camera: Wendy Martinez

Sound: Melina Peña

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Time Bomb



Time Body