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Barcelona, Spain based artist, born in the border México-USA.  With a strong emphasis on body language, Melina's artistic work is inspired by various forms including Butoh, Experimental Dance, Body Landscape, and Performance Art. She possesses a Masters Degree in Critical Theory and Advanced Museum Studies from the Museum of Contemporary Art Independent Studies Program (PEI) Barcelona MACBA. Additionally, Melina has pursued post-graduate studies on Sensory Language and The Poetics of Play under the guidance of El Teatro de los Sentidos/University of Girona, Spain. During her time at the University of California, Los Angeles, she double majored in Linguistics and World Arts & Cultures.


In the United States she was a member of the dance group Head On Off where her work was based on Site Specific performance in Urban Spaces in California. In Mexico she founded Coelle a dance group that focused on polemic issues related to the border Mexico/U.S.A. Since 2004 she lives in Barcelona where she´s the coordinator of the annual performance event RIP OFF and member of the collective MALPARIDAS and OCELLS AL CAP.


Over the past 25 years, Melina has consistently produced and exhibited her artwork, showing her work in festivals and places such a as the Cerveira Biennale, PAN Palazzo Naples  Museum, Venice Biennale, Galerie Taïss, and La Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. She has also undertaken artistic residencies and conducted workshops in Germany, Mexico, Portugal, England, and Spain. Collaborating with notable artists such as La Pochanostra, Shu Lea, Thierry Geoffrey, and artists from diverse disciplines.


Melina´s work is committed to a live engagement with the audience, critically and playfully creating art. Her work is  mostly process driven creating places that offer opportunities and experiences to reflect and negotiate among  cultural, physical, and emotional involvement. Currently, Melina's artistic interests have evolved in the experimentation with other artistic mediums, seeking to generate stimulation and explore new forms of body language. This includes exploring Sound Art, Body Cartography, Installation, and play through the Senses.

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