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Come in Come in!

Photos by Julio Orosco


COME IN COME IN! a video performance which I created in Tijuana, México specifically for RUNNING INTO THE POLITICAL EQUATOR.


This piece was filmed in ¨La Colonia Libertad¨ a neighborhood hidden in some hills next to the border. I was inspired to do this piece  after reading Heriberto Yepez in a book where he describes this strange phenomena of transformation at the border:


A good part of Tijuana has been built by immigrants or poor citizens that "invade" the hills, construct shack houses from rubber tires and every kind of material one can think of. Recycling built Tijuana.


Tijuana redefined recycling. People's cars are recycled from their old Californian owners. Tijuana survives thanks to the waste and second- or third- hand merchandise of the United States. Clothes. Computers. Dreams. Sometimes I think Tijuana, more than a city, is a Swap Meet. Swap Meet urbanism. 


Video Performance by Melina Peña 

Duration: 8:09 min.

Location: Tijuana, Mexico

Year: 2009

Camera: Wendy Martinez

​Costume, Set & Photos: Julio Orozco

Music: Language Sound Research

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