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Rip Off

In this first session, May 2009, artists from different disciplines intervened several window shops of Mercè Street in Barcelona. Here, the spectator is taken on a guided tour through window shops of a particular street where they see a distorted reality.


Through performance, artists show their reality from the inside out. A display/sale of performance art that fades away before our eyes leaving a trace that invites to reflect.


The event intervened three shops and was guided by Xavier Arias.


1st Window Shop:

Video ¨España, La Prima Leila¨ by Sacha Moll Leuchter and Guillem Linares. Performed by Ana Cristina

2nd Window Shop: Performance by Ventura Darlington


3rd Window Shop: Performance by Melina Peña.

Dress by Alexandros Reizos and Alyosha Quooss 

Music by Alejandra Yañez 



Photos by Juan Castaño

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