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Residents undertook walks around the world, remotely and synchronously, working in newly-formed, temporary collaborative duos and trios.

Collaboration Melina Peña (SP) and Natalie Doonan (CA)


In walking together, we established a psychic connection through starting, stopping, and documenting at staged intervals. 

While we sought to avoid the intervention of electronic devices in our interactions with the immediate environment, we documented our experiences in photos and audio. These recordings provided the raw material for iterative experiments.

Embodied Space: part-time, flexitime … NO TIME!

Synchronised reading in two different parts of the world:  Montreal, Canada / Midi Pyrénées - Occitanie France.
In collaboration with Natalie Doonan.

Melina reading fragments of A CYBORG MANIFESTO by Donna Haraway.

Natalie reading fragments from “Perceiving and Believing: An Inactive Approach to Spectatorship” by Make Bleeker and Isis Germano

Revolutionary Voice

Individual Walk,  Reading fragments of A CYBORG MANIFESTO by Donna Haraway.

Midi-Pyrénées, France

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