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Happy to announce that my video performance ¨HA LLEGAO LA HORA¨ in collaboration with Radhamohini is screening as part of Video Art Miden Festival program FLYING OVER THE BALKANS curated by Olga & Gioula Papadopoulou.

The online programs will remain available online till February 28, 2021 on youtube:

Artists from and artists inspired by Balkan countries meet in a video art selection dedicated to the Balkans: a world full of contradictions, alive and mourning, poetic and historically wounded. A world that has suffered and endured consecutive wars and crises, a world constantly struggling to express its personality in adversity.

The selection presents 11 different artists and groups who originate or live (or visited in order to create their works there) in different countries & regions of the Balkan Peninsula: Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece.

Through a variety of forms and concepts, the selected works create an existential and historical mosaic researching the current conditions, but also the memories and the historical scars that influence the way we think about the Balkans today.

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