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Inspired by the magnificent architecture of the Makedonium in Krusevo, Macedonia. A monument that symbolises defiance, struggle and the eternal desire of the Macedonian people. This futuristic monument built on the same year that I was born (1974), serves as a mother space ship calling for my return or my take off. The question is where is this ship taking me to?


In this journey in search of my new home, there was a need to create a fictional character MELINODIUM, a walking piñata of the Makedonium, a fragile, vulnerable being driven by change and desire. A satirical site specific performance looking to dismantle cultural codes to redefine ourselves.

Video Performance by Melina Peña

Camara: Yuriko Sasaoka

Music: ¨ Stockholm Syndrome 1¨ by Synflict

Duration: 5:55 min.

Location: Makedonium, Krusevo Macedonia

Year: 2017

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