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Al Límite (at the limit)

A local and global critique on the whole Obama glorification.

On the local level (taking it to my country Mexico/U.S.A) I criticise how Mexico has always been the lapdog of the United States, we (and I include myself) have always been dependant of our next door neighbor. Reading through the newspaper I found myself with mix reviews of what Obama will do to help with the killings in Mexico, now that it´s spreading to their side of the border. How Obama will make stricter regulations for buses that export goods from Mexico to the U.S.A to the point of maybe restricting these busses to cross to the U.S side, ignoring the agreements that had been made by both countries through NAFTA.



On a global level (taking it to Europe where I am now) I criticize the hypocrisy that I see in European society towards the United States. A country that has always been criticized as ignorant, arrogant and in a few words names as THE ENEMY. Now that Obama is in power everyone sees him as the savior, the media also gives every little detail on this man´s life, some of it surreal such as the garden he´s growing in the White House, his wife´s gym sessions, etc.


I create my own territory as a video game, inspired by the 80´s video game PAC MAN, on each side I put in opposing sides a cutting of a news article where it talks about Obama interfering and on the opposite side Obama sensationalised. I put on my warrior suit and start the game.


It´s all a game!

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