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In collaboration with Marisa Hoz De Vila.

Commissioned by Casa Entera

The outside is in my house, my body and in me.


Nowadays our home functions as a multi-space where all our daily activities take place: life, work, healing and interaction with the outside through a number of advanced technology devices. Is home our refuge or prison?


Our domestic space bifurcates and intermingles with other spaces referring to our present condition where our home becomes a private / public space, a touristic space. Many of us have had to uproot our identity from our home for an extra income, while our connection with our space strengthens and disintegrates at the same time.


In this second edition of CASA ENTERA,  I present an action that challenges the boundaries between home and the touristic apartment, graphically  establishing a spatial connection/disconnection affected by foreign entities from myself and the soul of my space called home, house or touristic apartment. De-fragments mutates as its participants activate it by reflecting over the idea of care and shelter as well as the  perception of risk and affection.

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