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Tijuanense means to be from everywhere and nowhere, a human being situated on the threshold between two countries (Mexico/USA), two languages, but at the same time culturally autonomous. Native or immigrant, a tijuanense incorporates to his/her life –childhood, teen hood- the essence of the city. They move in it as if it was their own skin.


Federico Campbell


CRUSIN (Cruising – colloquial English word that means, to take a drive around the neighborhood, city, or any common territory; a trip or to hang around. Phonetically written here to the pronunciation of a Mexican saying this English word).


Crusin deals with immigration and identity issues, going from a personal to a global perspective, diving into a study of this social phenomenon. Considering immigration as a life project: search and re-composition of a fragmented identity. Reflecting on the continuous construction of an immigrant’s identity, where within its configuration, the cultural, religious and geographical origin is not as important as the experience, memory, vital uprooting and their collision with a symbolic universe that is foreign to them.


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