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Cartografía de la Nada

The first series of a Photo Performance that took place at the Thermal Power Plant, Three Chimneys in the province of Barcelona, ​​Spain. The intention of Cartografía de la nada is to map the city and its surrounding through Psychogeography.

The chosen series is a sequence of moves leading from being tied to the door of the thermal power into eventually freeing myself to a body morphing back to the chimneys. The body resists the catharsis of the transforming energy.  

Photos: Luz Verduzco
Set: Noelia Saez

We can think that the body is in constant metamorphosis when in contact with other individuals, objects, environment and experiences. My question is whether you can strip the body of cultural stigmas and bring to an individualisation with the ability to go beyond identity. A kind of exfoliation that involves moving skin layers in a process of renewal and transition.

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