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Interactive sensory piece that works with the concept of fear as a motor for action and transformation. This project is part of a 10-year research into the effects of fear as a measure of control in our society and self limitation.


Created in residence at Centre de Creació Contemporània Nau Coclea & Bolit Centre d'Art Contemporani for Festival Inund'Art in May 2023.


A Sound Art & video installation was specifically created for La Carbonera & Cisterna of the Museum of History of Girona, a historic convent dating back to 1762.


Simultaneously, a durational participatory performance took place in the same space, inviting audiences to engage with the artwork in an immersive manner.

The sound installation at La Carbonera consisted of 10 separate audio tracks strategically placed throughout the first floor and stairs. These tracks consisted of recordings where individuals confessed their deepest fears.


Visitors had the opportunity to explore the space and approach the old, damp walls to listen to these intimate voices.

I'm truly grateful for everyone that collaborated by sharing their most intimate space. Thank you!

The audios have been compiled below, providing a sonic representation of the space.

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