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Anatomía Metamórfica

We've become  a multi-body that must develop many skills and have the ability to change, resolve and accumulate information in accordance with the requirements of this world functioning as a service provider. We are in a constant endurance and opposition against this force imposed  on us, we are repeatedly going from RESISTANCE to efficiency.  


 I was invited to work with SALT, which led me to its healing effects and the design of an encapsulated space inspired by science fiction and its narratives about the future with hints of indigenous shamanistic rituals from southern Mexico.

Melina is a CHAMANA in the Future!


My space and body configured by triangles that create a certain symmetry from macro to micro are charged by my mental fears and the ones written by the spectators. I Seek balance and relationship of the mind with matter through a journey that leads me through memory, imagination and dreams, trying to decode reality until  fully drained.



Here a description of Anatomía Metamórfica written by Marina Barsy


Festival Internacional de Performance 

Materic, L´Hospitalet, Cataluña 2017

T✴Danse - Danse et Technologie.

Festival Internazionale de la Nuova Danza di Aosta, Italia. 2019

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