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Project CAMISA in Barcelona by the program Inov-Art (a program promoted by the Dirección General de Artes del Ministério de la Cultura de Portugal): an artistic event that included exhibits, performance and music.


Ai! Má Companhia #2

Las Malparidas (Andrea Inocêncio and Melina Peña) participated with the performance Ai! Má companhia # 2 with the collaboration of Caesar Baetulo (graffiti artist), Pedro Lopes (tattoo artist) and Tiago Grade (beatbox musician). The performance took place at Fantastik.



A white executive shirt, that it’s used almost as a uniform to standardize a social status to whom uses it.  A façade! A mask!


A shirts that is manipulated, transformed in a striptease of women-object/objects of art. As a gallery, a cabaret, on the street showing their art, their bodies, and their work to sell, to live, to survive.


A critique on the duplicity that our society lives in. A misleading freedom.


A white shirt or a straightjacket.

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