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Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Performance Art Lab/Workshop - Creative Retreat

OSCURIDAD CREATIVA is an intensive experimental space (24 hours non-stop), where artistic languages and different methodologies from performance and movement practices are given, challenging participants to break barriers, with the aim of exploring their own creativity strained from their complexity. A project that will fuse sound, images, movement in a test of endurance culminating in a final performance.

  • We seek to activate memory as a way to possible answers where our culture, history, and ancestors are exposed to dismantle the cultural layers that have been imposed on us as a form of domination and fear.

  • We reflect in order to Recover our bodies and Re-learn / Re-design it, creating space where our body is the main focus but also the interrogation.

This time we make the rules!

A 24 hour process which seeks to redefine object, subject and space. We want to launch ourselves into an environment which places the body, as it is, in front of an audience and strips away the social constructs that surround and distort our image and self-image.

The start will be as important as the finish, the smallest detail as important as the whole – for this is not an edit or rehearsal, this is


The workshop is designed and open to people interested in creative work.

We invite everyone to be part of this unique experience, where mind and body are challenged through an intensely stimulating process. No previous experience required.

Basic Information

  • Date: 17-19 February, 2023

  • Fee: $1500 pesos (50% reservation deposit - before February 14)

  • Payment: vía bank transfer

  • Limited to 10 participants

  • Arrival time: 16hrs Friday (enrollment, logistics, etc)

  • Starting time: 17 hrs Friday

  • Workshop ends: 17hrs Saturday

  • Final Performance: February 18 between 18-19 hrs

  • Optional: Stay over the night of 18 February at Casa de Adobes.

  • Departure: Sunday morning

The Workshop includes:

  • Three light meals (dinner, breakfast, lunch)

  • Dinner/Celebration (alcohol not included). Guests 60 pesos/person (advance notice)

  • Water & fuit available during the workshop

  • One night stay at Casa de Adobes

  • Guidance through the creative process and a lot of fun!

What to bring:

  • Yoga Mat

  • Sleeping bag/ blanket

  • Camping Tent (optional)

  • Comfortable clothes

  • Your own thermos or water bottle

  • We’ll give further instructions on specific objects to bring for the creative process.


+52 951 493 5344

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