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Melina and her seditious father in their 3rd reunion. “Selfish,” I mean selfie.. GP

BIO: Action/ Interdisciplinary Artist from Tijuana, Mexico, raised on both sides of the dangerous Mexico-US border. “Mala Mujer” (nasty woman) according to Trump and ICE. Currently based in Barcelona, Spain, a “queer friendly city according to Travel Alert”, Melina was born in 1974 which coincidentally was when Gómez-Peña was living in Tijuana. Rumors say it was “a one night stand.” Her mother avoids the subject by saying AY NO SÉ! (Untranslatable). Manuel Peña, a cholo activist from Mexicali, was officially Melina´s father who supported her dance studies until she was 19 when she decided to go to the United States (USA-te-USA o Yo USé A USA) depending of the ideological context) to study at WAC (UCLA). Manuel being an anti-US rebel (a “bad hombri” according to that orange thang), stopped talking to his daughter enraged by her decision “to betray her MADRE PATRIA,” saying: ¨Cómo puede ser que prefieras GRINGOLANDIA después de lo mal que nos han tratado, *&H&#D$f no te fue suficiente cruzar la pinche linea todos los días y aguantar a esa bola de *·$%?¿^KJ&^...¨. (Untranslatable by Siri)...

(...3 pages later)

...But this didn't stop Melina to continue her studies and double major in Linguistics and World Arts & Cultures in Lost Angeles and continue her extensive search “on body language and embodied trans-poetics” training in Butoh, Salsa, Aerobic Techno-Zumba, experimental “Trepidatory Dance” and “Body Landscape,” whatever these enigmatic words mean in the realm of Performance Studies.

In 2004 Melina leaves the border and heads to the OLD CONTINENT escaping from EL CHOLO & her family but mostly escaping from HER OWN BORDER SELF! She becomes twice a Pocha..OR A POCHAPOCHA. Melina now lives in “LA MADRE PUTRIDA” (X-pain) where she is a member of the collective MALPARIDAS and OCELLS AL CAP. (Untranslatable by Siri)

In 2008 Melina finally meets Gomez-Peña and finds out that he used to hang around la Calle 8 in Tijuana, where her great grandmother had an apartment complex and precisely where Melina´s mother, a hippy-teca at the time, used to spend most of her “free time.” Guillermo claims not remembering any Alicia Peña (Melina´s mother) during his wild days in Tijuana, perhaps due to his continuous ingestion of psychotropic substances or his current pre-demmential condition. Melina keeps insisting and investigating the matter. Meanwhile she travels to Evora, Portugal where she is officially introduced to Performance Art by La Pocha Nostra, reuniting again with her strained father in Oaxaca, México 2009 and then, while studying a Masters Degree @ the Museum of Contemporary Art, (Barcelona, MACBA) in 2015, where Guillermo and members of his infamous troupe were “associate professors.” Father and daughter are soon planning to go public and perform together a “reunification ritual.”

(Hemispheric Institute theorists believe that Gómez-Peña “uses this seditious and nepotistic performance strategy to further the career of young Latin American performance artists belonging to his Pocha Nostra mafia.” There is also una tal “Livia” from Belo Horizonte, Brasil, an alleged “Elaine Peña” from Southern Texas, and a Nayla Altamirano, AKA ‘La Naylon from Tejas,” who also claim to be the performance artist’s daughters. There is no end to this telenovela truly “Made in Mexico” . TBC. Primer Impacto TeVe.)

News Alert: We found a recent photo of la tal Melina as a “porno-terrorista.” Scary shit! She looks identical to Gómez-Peña! You can even see in the distance, San Diego, on the other side of the Tijuana wall. More info soon!

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