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Epigenēs - born after

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Durational Participatory Performance

September 10th, 2023 - All Day (10.00-17.00)

Patan Museum, Kathmandu Nepal

Epigenē is part of Diaries of a Shaman series. A site specific performance which blends sensorial experiences lived in Kathmandu, going back to my Mexican roots as well as surfing through Pop American Culture and Spanish Traditional Folklore.

A Futuristic Shaman that serves as a mediator between the human and non-human, where possible imaginaries elevate the irrepressible force of individual life to a respectable existence that transcends all systems and forms of control and power.

The body is guided by the rhythm of time as a constant ritual, adapting to space through a permanent slow pace where listening to oneself and each other takes us to an unknown harmony.


We kindly ask visitors to donate an object that you don’t want nor need anymore.

These objects will be used during the performance.

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